The Pageant

Documentary, 82 min, 2020 (currently in postproduction)


Synopsis: Every year since 2011, a unique beauty contest takes place in Haifa. The contestants are female survivors of the Holocaust. In the midst of this flashy spectacle, their personal traumas remain as deep as ever.

Directed and Edited by Eytan Ipeker

Produced by Yoel Meranda (Kamara - Turkey), Carine Chichkowsky (Survivance - France), Eitan Mansuri and Jonathan Doweck (Spiro Films - Israel), Kristina Konrad (Welt Film - Germany)


Supported by Tënk & Mediapart (France), New Film Fund (Turkey)

Pitched at Sheffield/Doc MeetMarket 2018

Istanbul Meetings on the Bridge 2019 (Color Up Award)

Idil Biret: The Portrait of a Child Prodigy,
Documentary, 59 min, 2015

Written, Directed and Edited by Eytan Ipeker

Produced by Kamara & Böcek Yapım

Supported by Vehbi Koç Foundation


Cast: İdil Biret, Yves Riesel, Claude Samuel, Sun Kan, Şefik Büyükyüksel

Screenings: 34th Istanbul International Film Festival •9th Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival • 8th Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days • Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival • Istanbul Modern Museum • 27th Ankara International Film Festival • 11th Boston Turkish Film Festival (Special Mention Award) 

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